June 23, 2015

Why Change Your Locks When You Move?

Let us talk about one of the most sensitive home security issues – changing locks when you move. You have just found your new home and it looks stylish and new, so why change your locks when you move? Whether you are moving to a new condo, townhouse or apartment, you need to know that there are many other people who have had copies of the keys to your new residence. It is difficult to know where these people or the key copies are. It becomes a big problem when you know that these copies could end up in the wrong hands. When you change the locks, you ensure that you are the only ones with the keys whether you own or rented the place. Here are other factors you should think about. We had some help creating this great info. You can find more tips for moving and relocation at Find Good Movers the top long distance moving information site on the web.

How good are the old locks?

home door locksSometimes, the locks to the new house could be too old, rusty and of poor quality. Maybe, they have been unused for long and so, some parts are no longer effective. Another possibility could be that they have been broken into, picked or jimmied in the past. Since it is not easy to be sure about their integrity, the only thing that makes sense is to replace them. At this point, you need to ensure that you are the one that selects and oversees the installation of the new ones. When it comes to your security at home, you cannot afford to overlook anything considering the amount of danger that you expose yourself to.

What are the security features?

Everyone wants keys that are superior in quality. You should examine the ones that have been already installed and see if they have the features that you want. Many people prefer re-keying their locks when they suspect that there are keys floating out there. However, what they do not know is that for a little more, they can have brand new installation with far much better features than what they have. The only thing that you need to do is to contact a locksmith and get their opinion. You also need to compare the features and performance of the locks available in the stores before you go ahead to buy.

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Will the new installation hold up over time?

installing home door lockWhen replacing locks, you also need to consider other factors especially the condition of the door. Sometimes, the jamb could be warped or the strike plate screws may be too short. Another common condition is that the alignment and the general housing mechanism could be off. If the lock set is really bad, you definitely have a bigger problem. Sometimes, this could make the new locks not to fit properly. You definitely are looking for something that will be effective enough. Although these could be other added expenses, it is good to verify everything because in the end, it will save you from lots of problems. You will gain nothing if you buy the best locks that cannot fit properly.

Are the old locks key-controlled?

keysIt is a good thing when you find locks that are key-controlled. However, considering the fact that it is impossible to make copies with such, it will be much easier if you just replace them. Re-keying the whole thing is another solution although it might just be temporary. Key-controlled locks offer maximum security but only if you are sure about what you are using and that the quality is high. If you just moved into the house, it might not be easy to even ascertain how reliable they are and so, instead of gambling with your security, it can be much better if you just solve the problem once and for all.

As you can see, changing locks when you move is not an option – it is something you have to do. The only thing that you should be careful about is finding the right locksmith. Even though there may be many in your area, you need to know that not all of them can offer the good services you are looking for. The best thing to do in such a situation is to find out what they are capable of. Check if they have the right equipment and if they are experienced enough to understand your unique needs.

The Difference Between Rekeying and Changing Locks

Re-keying service and changing locks are two different options available to consumers in need of replacing their keys, which can open up a lock. These situations can occur when a tenant moves out of an apartment but still possesses a key or in the office where an employee that may have recently left a job still have the keys to the office location, among others. It is mandatory that you understand the difference between rekeying and changing locks to come up with the best option.


In replacing a lock, a locksmith completely removes the entire mechanism of your lock and replaces it with a new one. On the contrary, rekeying involves the alteration of the inside of an existing lock to render the old keys that used to work on that specific lock useless and make the new keys given to the customer useful on this particular lock. In rekeying, the locksmith removes the cylinder from the lock and then adjusts the pins to fit a new key. Finally, the locksmith reinstalls the cylinder into the lock.

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Your locksmith firm will make new keys for your lock when it rekeys it. The firm will also reset the lock mechanism to make it solely work with that specific key it has given unto you rather than any other key. This is admirable, especially when you are purchasing a new home. It beefs up security because you are unaware of the number of keys out there capable of opening up your door locks. Have your locks rekeyed for peace of mind. However, it is important to note that there is no reduction of security regardless of the option you take. You will be issued with a new set of keys if you replace your locks, and this does not compromise your premises’ security.


piggy bank with dollar greenMany people are not aware that rekeying is often less expensive when compared to completely changing a lock. As opposed to changing a lock, rekeying does not need an entire change in the lock. The only vital thing here is changing the key to the lock. Moreover, a lock rekey does not involve much time since it is less demanding when compared to completely changing a lock. It also circumvents the technician’s mandate of providing the client with a new lock. Furthermore, it is optimal to opt for rekeying when dealing with an enormous volume of locks for the same reason of saving money. Take for example a proprietor who desires to switch out all his keys in his building. Although, replacing all the locks would certainly achieve this at the end, it would be highly messy and cumbersome. Because of this, it is commendable to go for rekeying instead of changing the locks.

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Another difference that clearly comes out is the scenario. While there are particular scenarios that will require rekeying of the locks, others will strictly need changing of the locks. The first scenario that may force you to have your locks rekeyed is when you need to fix your lock or replace a key on the door in your business or home premises. It is advisable to opt for rekeying when:

o Your key is worn out or lost

o You trusted your keys with someone who is no longer trustworthy, e.g. a former housemate or an employee

o You just from purchasing a new home but not sure of the number of house keys out there capable of opening up your lock

o If the client has no access to the original key

On the other hand, locks change, which typically refers to the installation of a brand new lock, is recommended on the following scenarios:

o When the lock’s condition is weak or poor

o When your lock is completely damaged and beyond repair

o When you desire to improve your existing security features or in need of extra security

locksmith 3d imageMost locksmith companies recommend changing out a lock completely, particularly in scenarios where the lock has been installed on a door for a long period. They argue that the security levels of a locking are naturally compromised due to continued usage and the normal wear and tear after several years of locking and unlocking. However, in most other situations, most of these companies prefer rekeying a lock since it is a cheaper option; thus, allowing clients to maintain their business or home’s security. It is vital to note that it is impossible to rekey some types of lock; therefore, a lock change is needed.