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Why Change Your Locks When You Move?

Let us talk about one of the most sensitive home security issues – changing locks when you move. You have just found your new home and it looks stylish and new, so why change your locks when you move? Whether you are moving to a new condo, townhouse or apartment, you need to know that there are many other people who have had copies of the keys to your new residence. It is difficult to know where these people or the key copies are. It becomes a big problem when you know that these copies could end up in the wrong hands. When you change the locks, you ensure that you are the only ones with the keys whether you own or rented the place. Here are other factors you should think about. We had some help creating this great info. You can find more tips for moving and relocation at Find Good Movers the top long distance moving information site on the web.

How good are the old locks?

home door locksSometimes, the locks to the new house could be too old, rusty and of poor quality. Maybe, they have been unused for long and so, some parts are no longer effective. Another possibility could be that they have been broken into, picked or jimmied in the past. Since it is not easy to be sure about their integrity, the only thing that makes sense is to replace them. At this point, you need to ensure that you are the one that selects and oversees the installation of the new ones. When it comes to your security at home, you cannot afford to overlook anything considering the amount of danger that you expose yourself to.

What are the security features?

Everyone wants keys that are superior in quality. You should examine the ones that have been already installed and see if they have the features that you want. Many people prefer re-keying their locks when they suspect that there are keys floating out there. However, what they do not know is that for a little more, they can have brand new installation with far much better features than what they have. The only thing that you need to do is to contact a locksmith and get their opinion. You also need to compare the features and performance of the locks available in the stores before you go ahead to buy.

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Will the new installation hold up over time?

installing home door lockWhen replacing locks, you also need to consider other factors especially the condition of the door. Sometimes, the jamb could be warped or the strike plate screws may be too short. Another common condition is that the alignment and the general housing mechanism could be off. If the lock set is really bad, you definitely have a bigger problem. Sometimes, this could make the new locks not to fit properly. You definitely are looking for something that will be effective enough. Although these could be other added expenses, it is good to verify everything because in the end, it will save you from lots of problems. You will gain nothing if you buy the best locks that cannot fit properly.

Are the old locks key-controlled?

keysIt is a good thing when you find locks that are key-controlled. However, considering the fact that it is impossible to make copies with such, it will be much easier if you just replace them. Re-keying the whole thing is another solution although it might just be temporary. Key-controlled locks offer maximum security but only if you are sure about what you are using and that the quality is high. If you just moved into the house, it might not be easy to even ascertain how reliable they are and so, instead of gambling with your security, it can be much better if you just solve the problem once and for all.

As you can see, changing locks when you move is not an option – it is something you have to do. The only thing that you should be careful about is finding the right locksmith. Even though there may be many in your area, you need to know that not all of them can offer the good services you are looking for. The best thing to do in such a situation is to find out what they are capable of. Check if they have the right equipment and if they are experienced enough to understand your unique needs.

The Difference Between Rekeying and Changing Locks

Re-keying service and changing locks are two different options available to consumers in need of replacing their keys, which can open up a lock. These situations can occur when a tenant moves out of an apartment but still possesses a key or in the office where an employee that may have recently left a job still have the keys to the office location, among others. It is mandatory that you understand the difference between rekeying and changing locks to come up with the best option.


In replacing a lock, a locksmith completely removes the entire mechanism of your lock and replaces it with a new one. On the contrary, rekeying involves the alteration of the inside of an existing lock to render the old keys that used to work on that specific lock useless and make the new keys given to the customer useful on this particular lock. In rekeying, the locksmith removes the cylinder from the lock and then adjusts the pins to fit a new key. Finally, the locksmith reinstalls the cylinder into the lock.

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Your locksmith firm will make new keys for your lock when it rekeys it. The firm will also reset the lock mechanism to make it solely work with that specific key it has given unto you rather than any other key. This is admirable, especially when you are purchasing a new home. It beefs up security because you are unaware of the number of keys out there capable of opening up your door locks. Have your locks rekeyed for peace of mind. However, it is important to note that there is no reduction of security regardless of the option you take. You will be issued with a new set of keys if you replace your locks, and this does not compromise your premises’ security.


piggy bank with dollar greenMany people are not aware that rekeying is often less expensive when compared to completely changing a lock. As opposed to changing a lock, rekeying does not need an entire change in the lock. The only vital thing here is changing the key to the lock. Moreover, a lock rekey does not involve much time since it is less demanding when compared to completely changing a lock. It also circumvents the technician’s mandate of providing the client with a new lock. Furthermore, it is optimal to opt for rekeying when dealing with an enormous volume of locks for the same reason of saving money. Take for example a proprietor who desires to switch out all his keys in his building. Although, replacing all the locks would certainly achieve this at the end, it would be highly messy and cumbersome. Because of this, it is commendable to go for rekeying instead of changing the locks.

We recommend using a good lock from companies like Kwikset or Schlage to insure your security.


Another difference that clearly comes out is the scenario. While there are particular scenarios that will require rekeying of the locks, others will strictly need changing of the locks. The first scenario that may force you to have your locks rekeyed is when you need to fix your lock or replace a key on the door in your business or home premises. It is advisable to opt for rekeying when:

o Your key is worn out or lost

o You trusted your keys with someone who is no longer trustworthy, e.g. a former housemate or an employee

o You just from purchasing a new home but not sure of the number of house keys out there capable of opening up your lock

o If the client has no access to the original key

On the other hand, locks change, which typically refers to the installation of a brand new lock, is recommended on the following scenarios:

o When the lock’s condition is weak or poor

o When your lock is completely damaged and beyond repair

o When you desire to improve your existing security features or in need of extra security

locksmith 3d imageMost locksmith companies recommend changing out a lock completely, particularly in scenarios where the lock has been installed on a door for a long period. They argue that the security levels of a locking are naturally compromised due to continued usage and the normal wear and tear after several years of locking and unlocking. However, in most other situations, most of these companies prefer rekeying a lock since it is a cheaper option; thus, allowing clients to maintain their business or home’s security. It is vital to note that it is impossible to rekey some types of lock; therefore, a lock change is needed.

Why choose Tacoma Locksmith Pros

locksmith-pros1Do you want to enhance the security of your car, your house or your office? If yes then look no further than Tacoma locksmith pros. Tacoma locksmith pros is a full service lock & key company that is dedicated to ensure that all your valuables items are safe. They provide high quality security lock that will help keep your valuables safe. They have a team of well trained professionals who constantly research on ways to enhance security. So are you wondering why you should choose Tacoma pros locksmith over other? If yes then below are the main reasons why.

1. They are experienced

Experience is always the best teacher. Tacoma locksmith has continuously served its esteem customers many years and has the right experience in locksmith industry. For all those years that they have been in existence, they have been able to come up with amazing techniques that can help solve your locks and key needs in ways that that you never imagined. Their staffs are highly skilled and experienced and they never run out of ideas. No matter how challenging the task may be, their experienced locksmiths will always find a way and deliver even beyond your expectations.

2. They have good reputation.

Reputation is very important aspect when it comes to evaluating the performance of a company. For all those years that this company has been in existence they have consistently delivered high quality services to their esteem customers and that has earned them good reputation. There is no customer who has ever complained about the services that the company offers. On the contrary, the company’s services are high rated by previous customers because of unique services that they have offered to them.


3. The have the right working tools.

Locksmith is a very technical industry and requires you to have the right tools of work so as to be able to execute your services well. Tacoma locksmith pros has the right working tool and uses the latest technology to solve locksmith related issues. In addition, they have highly skilled staffs know how to use those tool so as to give the client the best service ever.

4. They offer excellent customer services.

This locksmith service always put their customers first. They know that without them, they cannot be in existence. That is why they always strive to give their clients the best services. They have customer care department that is always on standby 24 hours a day just to solve the need of their customers.

5. They offer customized services

Tracoma locksmith pros know that every customer has his/her own needs. They is why they usually treat each customer’s needs uniquely based on what they want. As opposed to other companies that offers generalized services to their clients, Tracoma locksmith pros only offer customized services to ensure that the customer get what he/she wants. For instance, if you want to remodel your house locks, the company will send a team of expert to your house and they will take your suggestion as well as use their expertise to ensure that they give you what you really want as opposed to what they think you want.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Home Security Provider in Denver CO

Home-Security-denverIt is paramount to look for the best home security locksmith company in Denver CO when you are in need of their services. However, finding the best provider of such services is not an easy task for a home owner. You should be aware of the simple strategies that can assist you choose the best provider to give you the best services. There are many cases where majority of home owners are complaining of not getting the services they want. This is mainly because they are not having the techniques that can assist them in getting the best home security providers. Below are the effective techniques you can employ:

1.Take Your Time To Compare The Services Of Different Providers

This should be the first step since there are many providers of the services. Not all providers will provide similar services in terms of quality and prices. There are those who provide quality services at the best prices while others provide vague services at higher prices. This implies that you have to take your time and compare all the available providers before making any decision. When you have checked all the providers, choose the one with the nature of home security services that meets your desires.

2.Read What Other People Who Have Experienced Their Services Have To Comment

In every company, there are the comments that are posted by other people who have used their services. You can take some time to analyze such comments and choose the one with impressive comments. In fact this is a first-hand source of information you need as you are getting the reviews from the people who have utilized such services. When they are reviewing such services negatively, you have to choose another provider. When they are reviewing in a positive way, you have to consider the security services of that company. Go on sites like Yelp or Superpages, they are a great place to start the hunt.

3.You Have To Consider Experienced Providers

When you are in need of Home security in Denver CO, you have to consider those security firms that have been in the field for a longer period. There are those firms that are new in the field and there are higher chances that the services they are offering are vague. They are still adapting to the security systems and they may not be equipped with the relevant security systems and technologies. They can be challenged easily with the complex and sophisticated security systems. The experienced firms have experienced workers who can handle any problem including the sophisticated security problems.

4.Make Use Of The Security Services Of Licensed Firms

License is another critical aspect that dictates a lot of things. There are those security firms in the region operating without a license and they are likely to offer vague services. This is because they are after making a lot of money from their customers and therefore they will raise their prices. If you will make use of the licensed firms, you will be assured of getting the best services that are genuine at the best prices. This is mainly because their prices are controlled by the licensing board. Besides, the qualities of the services they offer are monitored by such boards to ensure that they meet the required minimum set standards.

Enhance Your Home’s Security with new Liftmaster MYQ Technology

Liftmaster my Q technologyIn recent years, there have been numerous technological advancements in the home automation industry. Due to this, some devices have been able to enhance the overall security of your home. These days, you can use an app-enabled appliance in your home without spending a lot of money to acquire it. Recently, an app-enabled garage door opener has been extremely popular. It’s practical, useful and affordable. The Liftmaster MyQ technology enhances the security of your garage, and home.

Chamberlain has been manufacturing high end garage door openers for a while. The same company manufactures door openers under the brand Liftmaster. The MyQ Garage was launched earlier this year. Unlike other garage door openers manufactured by the company, this one not only includes internet connectivity, but also allows users to utilize app-enabled connectivity to garage doors manufactured after 1993, including the ones from Stanley, Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman and more.

MyQ Garage – The Best Solution for Your Garage’s Security

Due to the ingenious solution, the application does not require you to make any changes to the existing garage door setup. The application has two different components. A standard base station is installed with a pair of screws. You need to install it near the main motor of your garage door opener. The second component is a battery powered box. It needs to be attached to your garage door with basic adhesive tape.

The door mounted box you receive features an accelerometer inside. It can make out when your garage door is moving, closing or opening. The base station sends close and open commands to your garage door opener. The concept is simple to your car’s remote control. With box checking, you can conveniently make out if the garage door is closed or open. It protects you from an expensive replacement.

The companion app is available for Android devices and iPhone. The application has a user friendly interface. It can be easily set up with all kinds of garage doors, lighting or front gate. You can also use it in other locations of your property. On the app’s front page, you can see an illustration. It shows a garage door showing the current state of your door.

It also shows the duration for which the door has been in the same state. You just need to tap the door to close or open it. Even when you’re around the world, it will take just a couple of seconds for the door to respond.

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Enhanced Security Features

There’s a very interesting feature in this application. When it tries to close the door, the on-board light emits a series of flashes and beeps repeatedly. The reason is that you might be miles away from the home when trying to close this door. Thus, if there are any people in your garage, they may not expect your door to move suddenly.

The flashes and beeps are like warnings. When you’re in the garage, they might seem annoying. However, when you’re closing the garage door from miles away, you will have the peace of mind that no one would be hurt.

According to the company, users should use this system with garage doors with obstruction sensors. After the 1990s, this was made mandatory for all new garage door systems. Moreover, you should use the system on only sectional doors, but not heavier one piece doors.

According to reviewers, it’s very easy to install this system in your garage. The company has been able to design a flawless system that does everything on your behalf. Almost every homeowner without any technical skills or knowledge can easily and quickly set up the Liftmaster MyQ system.

With the user friendly interface of the app, you won’t experience any problems. You will be able to control the garage door from a remote location. The application opens quickly on your smartphone.

The company is even target multiple device makers for partnerships. Chamberlain is even adding Works With Nest support to the app. This will allow users to automatically set Nest thermostats to Away mode. Thus, homeowners will be able to leave the home without worrying about their thermostat still working.

The company has even announced that it’s a HomeKit partner with Apple. This suggests that garage door openers will be an important part of Apple’s home automation platform. The MyQ Garage system can be easily bought online at an affordable price. The application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Home Security Upon Move In

Among the big decisions that one has to make in life is moving. There are virtually countless factors to consider before ending up with the final decision. It is however, an unavoidable in many circumstances and one simply has to cope with all the changes that come with it. Security is always one of the main concerns before moving to a new place. To have peace of mind, you must be somewhat assured that you and your family will be safe. A few of the things that you need to do to ensure this after moving is listed below.

You should change the security locks of all doors in the house as soon as you can. Someone else might have a copy of the keys to the locks in your house, probably having obtained them from the previous owners. It is difficult to place your trust with these strangers thus leaving you with the obvious solution of changing the locks. Schlage front entry handle sets and deadbolts are the best in home security. I highly recommend that you use them.

Change access codes of the alarm system. If the new house has an alarm system, getting new codes should be among the first steps that you take. Ensure that only the trusted people get to know the new codes. Also, keep the number of these people to the minimum possible. You should also remember to notify the alarm service of your newly acquired ownership, to prevent any future misunderstandings. For a home that did not have an alarm system previously, you should consider installing one.

Take a tour of your new home. You should take a complete tour of your property with a very critical eye. Take note of any deadbolts that are missing on any of the exterior doors, window and door locks that are flimsy or any other form of a lose entry point. Ensure immediate repair or replacement is done to enhance the security. You should also check the kind of lighting system that is used for outdoor purposes. It must be in good working condition and producing sufficient lighting to serve its purpose.

Familiarize yourself with all the possible different routes and points for entry and exit. You can even take a practice run to know your best options during emergencies. Make sure that these paths are free from blocking objects and keep the best options in mind.

Trim hedges and shrubs. Keeping the landscape trimmed will ensure that hedges and shrubs do not block your windows. You might also consider planting prickly or thorny shrubbery near windows to discourage entry through them

Locate the nearest emergency and service centres. Ensure that you get all the relevant phone numbers and locations of the emergency services in the area. This will ensure that you can easily access help when in need.

As an addition, you can join the local neighbourhood watch. For a new resident in a neighbourhood that has such a program, it will be of benefit to you as it tightens the security even more. Its also a good way to start making friends.

Are Smart Locks Right For Your Home?

smart locks right for your home?The technology today has raised to a point where it has made life much simpler. It has advanced to an extent through which anything can be done in a very short span of time. Home security system is one such advancement using which unlocking the front door is possible without use of keys. This can be done just by installing wireless door locks. The wireless door lock system has become very popular these days because of increase in crime rate. They are widely used in rooms of senior officials, houses, offices and in some buildings. The drastic increase in crime rate, made people realize the importance of security system. Many are ready to invest any amount in security system as compromising security is not a good idea. Working men and women, who hardly stay at home, concerned about their kids and elderly parents, opt installing security system, though they are very costly. This is the best way to put full stop to worries regarding security in your Columbus OH home. Locksmiths like the technicians at www.columbuslocksmithpros.com will be able to install these type of locks and make sure they are correctly set-up.

Working Of Wireless Door Lock System

Wireless door locks is one of the newest and safest methods of keeping home safe and secured. They work on a code. The owner will be given a code which needs to be punched. If the number punched matches with the original code, then an electronic signal will be sent, which will either open or close the gates. This also can be accesses through a computer login or through a fob which is generally used to open the door of a car.

Parts Of Wireless Door Lock System

The wireless door lock look like a normal lock, except for the internal electrical components which make the actual difference. The electrical portion includes a panel where the number is punched and other parts that are required to send signal to computer.

Process Of Installation

If you are planning to set up a smart security system for your home, then the wireless door lock system can be installed into your gate. It will consists of above mentioned parts which is used to send signals to the computer and vice-versa. The wireless door locks can be opened through a signal from a fob, a computer or a cell phone, or any other electronic device. The device orders the gate to be either opened or closed as per the requirement. This can be done by staying at any corner of your house and also from some place other than your house, by just logging in to a website and key in correct credentials including id and password. If the credentials entered are correct, the security system functions as per your command. This is an amazing advantage of smart security system. You can let someone in even when you are not at home to receive them.

Advantages Of Smart Security System

The security system ensures safety of your house. It makes it very hard for anyone to get into your house without your permission. Burglar can never be successful. Safety of small kids and elderly people is never compromised when there is no one at home to take care of them and to protect them.

Home Security Tips From Queen Creek Arizona Locksmiths

home security locksmiths queen creek azAs a homeowner, you know that your home needs security upgrades and effective measures to prevent home burglary. Often, people are too reluctant to spend money on high-end gadgets and this is where local locksmiths in Queen Creek Arizona get in action. But, in this post, we’ll simply discuss some home security tips that will help you keep your family and friends safe.


● Use lots of lighting on the outer boundary of your home.

● Trim the bushes and trees in your backyard regularly so they don’t become home for any burglar.

● Keep your yard tidy and clutter-free

● Cut large boxes into small ones so your burglar does npt know what new equipment you have purchased recently.

● Use signage like “Beware of Dog”, “No Trespassing”, and Alarm signs to deter criminals.


● Keep the curtains and blinds closed, especially after the evening to prevent unwanted observation into your home.

● Always lock windows and doors of your house when leaving home.

● Purchase dowels for windows with lack or poor quality lock mechanism.

● Consider using unbreakable glass for your windows or window tints to prevent break-ins.


● Make sure all the exterior door has deadbolt installed properly.

● Make sure that door jamb is correctly reinforced with long screws and wood.

● Glass sliding doors must have a dowel placed inside the frame to prevent unwanted opening. Ensure locks are functional, and replace them when needed.

Keys and Key Control:

● Never give your home’s spare key to your neighbor.

● Put the spare keys in locking boxes that should only be known to households. These boxes have locking codes.

● Never leave your house keys unattended on your car or desk at work.

● Never leave keys when visiting friends or socializing.

Other Home Security Tips

● All doors in your home must have peep-hole viewer to identify visitors.

● Firearms and valuable items should be locked in quality safe.

● Consider using basic burglary alarm system that instantly communicates with alarm monitoring Central Station.

● Investing in a CCTV or surveillance cameras can be a good option to consider.

● Make sure all the valuables in your home re insured. Talk to your insurance agent about the same.

● Record a video of all your personal property, collectibles, firearms, jewelry and other items. Store this video in your safe box.

Take into consideration these home security tips regardless of whether you stay on rent or own the property. Do not assume that old or current security measures are enough to keep your protected.

Check out some videos that will help you protect your home from unwanted intruders.