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Enhance Your Home’s Security with new Liftmaster MYQ Technology

Liftmaster my Q technologyIn recent years, there have been numerous technological advancements in the home automation industry. Due to this, some devices have been able to enhance the overall security of your home. These days, you can use an app-enabled appliance in your home without spending a lot of money to acquire it. Recently, an app-enabled garage door opener has been extremely popular. It’s practical, useful and affordable. The Liftmaster MyQ technology enhances the security of your garage, and home.

Chamberlain has been manufacturing high end garage door openers for a while. The same company manufactures door openers under the brand Liftmaster. The MyQ Garage was launched earlier this year. Unlike other garage door openers manufactured by the company, this one not only includes internet connectivity, but also allows users to utilize app-enabled connectivity to garage doors manufactured after 1993, including the ones from Stanley, Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman and more.

MyQ Garage – The Best Solution for Your Garage’s Security

Due to the ingenious solution, the application does not require you to make any changes to the existing garage door setup. The application has two different components. A standard base station is installed with a pair of screws. You need to install it near the main motor of your garage door opener. The second component is a battery powered box. It needs to be attached to your garage door with basic adhesive tape.

The door mounted box you receive features an accelerometer inside. It can make out when your garage door is moving, closing or opening. The base station sends close and open commands to your garage door opener. The concept is simple to your car’s remote control. With box checking, you can conveniently make out if the garage door is closed or open. It protects you from an expensive replacement.

The companion app is available for Android devices and iPhone. The application has a user friendly interface. It can be easily set up with all kinds of garage doors, lighting or front gate. You can also use it in other locations of your property. On the app’s front page, you can see an illustration. It shows a garage door showing the current state of your door.

It also shows the duration for which the door has been in the same state. You just need to tap the door to close or open it. Even when you’re around the world, it will take just a couple of seconds for the door to respond.

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Enhanced Security Features

There’s a very interesting feature in this application. When it tries to close the door, the on-board light emits a series of flashes and beeps repeatedly. The reason is that you might be miles away from the home when trying to close this door. Thus, if there are any people in your garage, they may not expect your door to move suddenly.

The flashes and beeps are like warnings. When you’re in the garage, they might seem annoying. However, when you’re closing the garage door from miles away, you will have the peace of mind that no one would be hurt.

According to the company, users should use this system with garage doors with obstruction sensors. After the 1990s, this was made mandatory for all new garage door systems. Moreover, you should use the system on only sectional doors, but not heavier one piece doors.

According to reviewers, it’s very easy to install this system in your garage. The company has been able to design a flawless system that does everything on your behalf. Almost every homeowner without any technical skills or knowledge can easily and quickly set up the Liftmaster MyQ system.

With the user friendly interface of the app, you won’t experience any problems. You will be able to control the garage door from a remote location. The application opens quickly on your smartphone.

The company is even target multiple device makers for partnerships. Chamberlain is even adding Works With Nest support to the app. This will allow users to automatically set Nest thermostats to Away mode. Thus, homeowners will be able to leave the home without worrying about their thermostat still working.

The company has even announced that it’s a HomeKit partner with Apple. This suggests that garage door openers will be an important part of Apple’s home automation platform. The MyQ Garage system can be easily bought online at an affordable price. The application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or App Store.