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Home Security Upon Move In

Among the big decisions that one has to make in life is moving. There are virtually countless factors to consider before ending up with the final decision. It is however, an unavoidable in many circumstances and one simply has to cope with all the changes that come with it. Security is always one of the main concerns before moving to a new place. To have peace of mind, you must be somewhat assured that you and your family will be safe. A few of the things that you need to do to ensure this after moving is listed below.

You should change the security locks of all doors in the house as soon as you can. Someone else might have a copy of the keys to the locks in your house, probably having obtained them from the previous owners. It is difficult to place your trust with these strangers thus leaving you with the obvious solution of changing the locks. Schlage front entry handle sets and deadbolts are the best in home security. I highly recommend that you use them.

Change access codes of the alarm system. If the new house has an alarm system, getting new codes should be among the first steps that you take. Ensure that only the trusted people get to know the new codes. Also, keep the number of these people to the minimum possible. You should also remember to notify the alarm service of your newly acquired ownership, to prevent any future misunderstandings. For a home that did not have an alarm system previously, you should consider installing one.

Take a tour of your new home. You should take a complete tour of your property with a very critical eye. Take note of any deadbolts that are missing on any of the exterior doors, window and door locks that are flimsy or any other form of a lose entry point. Ensure immediate repair or replacement is done to enhance the security. You should also check the kind of lighting system that is used for outdoor purposes. It must be in good working condition and producing sufficient lighting to serve its purpose.

Familiarize yourself with all the possible different routes and points for entry and exit. You can even take a practice run to know your best options during emergencies. Make sure that these paths are free from blocking objects and keep the best options in mind.

Trim hedges and shrubs. Keeping the landscape trimmed will ensure that hedges and shrubs do not block your windows. You might also consider planting prickly or thorny shrubbery near windows to discourage entry through them

Locate the nearest emergency and service centres. Ensure that you get all the relevant phone numbers and locations of the emergency services in the area. This will ensure that you can easily access help when in need.

As an addition, you can join the local neighbourhood watch. For a new resident in a neighbourhood that has such a program, it will be of benefit to you as it tightens the security even more. Its also a good way to start making friends.