Home Security Tips From Queen Creek Arizona Locksmiths

home security locksmiths queen creek azAs a homeowner, you know that your home needs security upgrades and effective measures to prevent home burglary. Often, people are too reluctant to spend money on high-end gadgets and this is where local locksmiths in Queen Creek Arizona get in action. But, in this post, we’ll simply discuss some home security tips that will help you keep your family and friends safe.


● Use lots of lighting on the outer boundary of your home.

● Trim the bushes and trees in your backyard regularly so they don’t become home for any burglar.

● Keep your yard tidy and clutter-free

● Cut large boxes into small ones so your burglar does npt know what new equipment you have purchased recently.

● Use signage like “Beware of Dog”, “No Trespassing”, and Alarm signs to deter criminals.


● Keep the curtains and blinds closed, especially after the evening to prevent unwanted observation into your home.

● Always lock windows and doors of your house when leaving home.

● Purchase dowels for windows with lack or poor quality lock mechanism.

● Consider using unbreakable glass for your windows or window tints to prevent break-ins.


● Make sure all the exterior door has deadbolt installed properly.

● Make sure that door jamb is correctly reinforced with long screws and wood.

● Glass sliding doors must have a dowel placed inside the frame to prevent unwanted opening. Ensure locks are functional, and replace them when needed.

Keys and Key Control:

● Never give your home’s spare key to your neighbor.

● Put the spare keys in locking boxes that should only be known to households. These boxes have locking codes.

● Never leave your house keys unattended on your car or desk at work.

● Never leave keys when visiting friends or socializing.

Other Home Security Tips

● All doors in your home must have peep-hole viewer to identify visitors.

● Firearms and valuable items should be locked in quality safe.

● Consider using basic burglary alarm system that instantly communicates with alarm monitoring Central Station.

● Investing in a CCTV or surveillance cameras can be a good option to consider.

● Make sure all the valuables in your home re insured. Talk to your insurance agent about the same.

● Record a video of all your personal property, collectibles, firearms, jewelry and other items. Store this video in your safe box.

Take into consideration these home security tips regardless of whether you stay on rent or own the property. Do not assume that old or current security measures are enough to keep your protected.

Check out some videos that will help you protect your home from unwanted intruders.